Bathroom Flooring and More

Our main service is flooring. Secondary services are drywall installation repair, handyman service, painting, sheetrock, gutters, replace windows and doors, awning, pressure washing for the roof, driveways, and sidewalks, re-screening pools and patios, installing toilets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and basements. We are Silvan Handyman, in Miramar, FL.


Bathroom Flog

For a beautiful orinyet affordable bathroom flooring service, give a call to our tile experts, and they will provide you with the cost-effective flooring solution that will best suit your needs.


Painting Services

Are you tired of looking at the same mundane color every day? Perhaps you need something more vibrant and refreshing to stimulate you. Colors bring out different kinds of emotion and affect a person’s mood. We are a professional painting contractor that provides fast and expert painting services at affordable rates.


Painting Replacement

Our staff receives regular training and refresher courses on the safest painting processes in order to prevent danger to both persons and property.


Vinyl Floor Installation

Vinyl flooring uses the least amount of energy to maintain compared to other types of flooring that require cleaning and maintenance. The water resistance of vinyl flooring allows it to be mopped without the risk of warping. The floor is also considered to be hygienic because the lack of seams limits the formation of microorganisms.



Skilled carpentry services are what keep the wood in our homes usable and serve a purpose. Hence, professional carpentry entails the cutting, shaping, joining, and installation of wood-building components and wood products.


Window Replacement

Replacement windows are a surefire method to raise the value of your home since they make it seem and feel more appealing. New windows not only increase the outward appeal of your property to potential buyers, but they also improve security, energy efficiency, and noise protection.


Kitchen Flooring

Do you want to increase the value and improve the style of your home? The kitchen is the room where most families spend a major part of their time. Therefore, the kitchen floors have to be durable and aesthetically appealing.


Sidewalks Flooring

We are proud to offer superior concrete installation services for your next sidewalk project. We offer sidewalk installation for homes and businesses. You’ll get high-quality sidewalk designs that are built to last. You can rest assured your desired project will be handled professionally by our team of skilled, experienced flooring installers that will get the job done right.


Drywall Installation Repair

Silvan Handyman does drywall installation and repair, servicing both residential and commercial clients in Miramar, FL and the surrounding areas. Whether you need to replace a damaged area with a matching texture or start anew, we are your reliable source for drywall installation, replacement, and patching. Our work is done by experienced drywall technicians that will bring you complete satisfaction.


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